Friday, April 2, 2010

Join Us for Our Next 11 Week Initiative

Lots of members have been asking me to share more about the results from this past Vault. I shared the statistics and weight loss totals from our "biggest losers" on Tuesday's video/discussion, but I thought it would be fun to offer you some actual comments, quotes and feedback that came in during the final weigh-in from participants at the end of this past 11 Weeks. These are all from members who completed the last Initiative and the Vault Experience:

"My total weight lost: 13 pounds! I'm sooooo happy and couldn't have done it without you guys! I'm definitely in for the next Vault." ~ Karen

"I have found a peace with eating this way. I also suffer from depression having retired abruptly recently, those feeling s have declined considerably and this has given me new direction in my life. I was never sick just overweight and tired all the time. There is a vibrancy to the way I feel when I consume raw foods. When you feel and see the changes in yourself, you want it for everyone. The missionary zeal is hard to contain so your focus on learning everything you can on your current messiah. There is a lot out there to learn and it will take years to digest the new panacea." ~ Chris (dropped over 15 lbs)

"Total weight release was 20.5 lbs! Already ready for the next initiative, to see what I can release before our daughter's wedding end of June!" ~ Karen J.

"I have been high raw for several years, so didn't expect dramatic changes. My goal was to stay 100% raw and although I had some slips with traveling and more-than-usual stress at work, I keep coming back to the best way to eat and live!" ~ Teresa

"I lost 12 LB. but I believe I will do better next time because of the change in seasons. I will be 70 on May 2nd. I am aiming at losing about 40 more pounds and get down to about 190. My health is real good. I just have to live the lifestyle. I know what to do, so I'll be back there in the Vault this next time!" ~ Papajoe

"I lost a total of 27 LBS & I had so much fun! Thank you for the chance to get myself in gear!" ~ Em

"I released 18.2 pounds! And I feel better than I have in years. I also have a raw food buddy that lives down the street from me who was part of the first Vault. Her daughter (who is now in college) use to babysit for my daughter, but I never knew she was into Raw until I saw her on this website. She has been a great resource too. I also went to have my cholesterol checked last week. October 2009 my cholestrol was 257.....March 2010, my cholestrol is now 181. No drugs were involved - diet only! :) Much love and hugs to all the Vaultings and RF rehabbers!" ~ Sandra L

"I have lost a total of 15.5#'s this 11 week initiative and a total to date of 55# since going raw!" ~ Judy

"My weight actually went up a bit, but I lost 2.5 inches. What I have gained out of the Vault is that I know I feel best the more raw I eat both mentally and physically. I'm more active physically than I was before and I know that is because of the inflammation going away in my foot and joints. I have hopes that in this next vault I will begin to show some success in the weight loss area. I also think it will be easier for me to maintain eating more raw this next go around because I got through the mental issues of switching to raw this go around." ~ Jackie

"My ending weight is 158, which means I lost 10 more stubborn pounds!! Praise the Lord & pass the cauliflower 'mashed potatoes'!!" ~ Penni

"I dropped 21.4 lbs. in this Initiative & along the way, my 11 year old daughter also lost 18 lbs.!! My husband, who started this wk with 1 smoothie/day and daily 2+ mile walk with me, lost 4 lbs...See you back in the Vault in 2 weeks!" ~ Debbie V.

"My eyes are clearer, my skin is better, and I dropped a size or two in clothing having dropped 14 pounds. This is a long term lifestyle choice for me now. I can't imagine going back to my former diet and I was already wheat, dairy, and soy free!" ~ KJ Lively

"I'm looking forward to the next 11-weeks. I have been working out to Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred workouts, and they are brutal. My weight hasn't changed much from the start, but I have lost an inch everywhere except my thighs (probably because of all the squats). Overall, I'm feeling good, and I'm in training for my first 5K coming up in 2 weeks! I still plan on being in the best shape OF MY LIFE when I hit 50 approx. 1 year from now! See you back in the Vault." ~ Tanja

"My total weight lost was 20 lbs.!!! Praise the Lord!" ~ Rita

"I found the weekly weigh in helpful for accountability because it was a way for me to gauge what I needed to focus on. I never before had such a good relationship with the scale. My husband hasn't ever seen me at this weight before! Even on those weight gain days, I was glad to know where I was at. The support of the online community is the number one factor in my weight loss success and self esteem boost! I'm in this as a lifetimer....see you in the Vault 2.0!" ~ Michelle K. (lost 12 lbs & 6 inches)

....And this was one of many awesome quotes that came in today as people were requesting to join the Vault:

"Penni - This is exactly what a I need. I know nothing about raw food. But I got your book and I'm ready to jump in! Heck, even my blender is from the 70's--just like the cellulite on my thighs. Hope to get rid of them both and be able to feel fantastic all the time!" ~ Marcia B.

I hope you will consider signing up to join us in our upcoming 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative. It is not necessary to join The Vault to participate. To sign up for the 11 Week Initiative which begins Saturday, April 10th, Go Here. And to apply for The Vault 2.0, Click here.

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