Friday, September 17, 2010

Raw Mom - Cooked Dad....Can You Relate?

You Cry When He Fries...
He Shouts When You Sprout...

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Dear Inspired Mamas,

Have you ever noticed that most of the so-called “Raw food gurus” out there are either single, have no children or live on a tropical island?

Okay, I get how you can succeed on the raw food diet if you live under a banana tree and have no children begging you to eat all the foods their friends eat!

What about the rest of us
living in the trenches of the “real world?”

What about family dinners with the grandparents...?

What about school lunches and kids who feel their food is “weird?”

What about how difficult it seems to find raw food recipes our kids actually LIKE?

How are we supposed to live this healthy lifestyle without feeling like a FREAK or slaving over the dehydrator at 3:00 in the morning?!

To help answer a few of these questions and bring forth the tools, the support, the inspiration that will help us all lead healthy lives in the face of a deep-fried world, please click here to find out about all the very special guests we’ve invited to this event and to learn the key topics we’ll be featuring.

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